The Early learning Program (TELP)

TELP’S Early Literacy Program

A literacy-focused curriculum and support system designed for preschool children ages 3, 4, and 5 years old. The program is designed to enhance existing classroom curricula by specifically focusing on improving children's early literacy skills and knowledge.

TELP Early Literacy Kindergarten course is broken down into the following:


  • Phonics
  • CVC & Word Families
  • Sight Words (Dolce Pre-Primer)
  • Handwriting


Each of our programs have 20 learning activities that develop both language and key motor, cognitive and learning skills.


Teaching begins with a systematic synthetic approach that uses multimedia, multi-sensory activities and worksheets.

Age – Appropriate Content

At TELP we have created specific content that is language based and turned it into interesting, effective program that can be used for second-language learners in Kindergartens, Schools and Training centres.




We have built our curriculum by attracting a team of experts from all corners of the field of education. We constantly incorporate feedback from parents and children, to ensure what we build is actually working. Many of our students, parents, teachers and management have helped us create our programs through surveys, focus groups, lesson reviews, round-table discussions, and product testing.



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