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ICT Curriculum


(NB. Some of the links are now outdated)

We have produced a fun Technology Curriculum for Primary and Elementary Students. The complete program consists of 90 Lessons spread over 3 Levels (3 units per level).


Give your child a head start in developing their technology skills. Give them the chance to understand technological changes that are changing the way we live.

As technology becomes easier to use and early childhood software proliferates, young children’s use of technology becomes more widespread.


Level 1


Term 1


Introduction to Future TV


Creating a Newsletter

Introduction to 2D Animation

Creating a News Flash Animation

Creating a Short Film - Storyboarding

Creating a Short Film - Pics and Vids

Creating a Short Film - Windows Movie Maker

Creating a Short Film - Finalizing and Presentation

My PowerPoint Presentation


Term 2


Elements of a Multimedia Presentation and Virtual Cities

My Dream Bedroom

The Recording Studio

Downloading Movie Clips

Digital Cameras

Introduction to Photo Editing

Microsoft Excel - Big Mac Prices

Microsoft Excel - BBQ Party

Robot Control and Programming

My City PowerPoint Presentation


Term 3


Fantasy World

An Introduction to 3D - My 3D Head

A Home for My 3D Head

Introduction to 3D Animation

3D Animation II - Creating a Scene

My 3D Animation in a Website

3D Virtual Worlds

Fantasy Characters Database

My Fantasy World Avatar

The Great Alice Challenge



Level 2


Term 1


The Art Gallery Project

Abstract Art

Self Portraits - Lesson 1

Self Portraits - Lesson 2

Digital Sculpture - Lesson 1

Digital Sculpture - Lesson 2

Poems and Calligrams

My Art Gallery Video - Part 1

My Art Gallery Video - Part 2

My Public Art Gallery


Term 2


Medieval Adventure

Castle Features and Folks

Medieval Sports

Heroes & Villains - Part 1

Heroes & Villains - Part 2

Arms & Armor

Quest for Magical Powers - Part 1

Quest for Magical Powers - Part 2

The Final Showdown - Part 1

The Final Showdown - Part 2


Term 3


Online Shopping

Planning My Online Toy Shop

Designing My Online Toy Shop

Products Database

Customize My Website

Designing Your Own Toys

Marketing My Website

Checking Out the Competition

Website Success Criteria

Launching Our Websites


Level 3


Term 1


Crime Scene Investigators

Forensic Workers Database

Hunting for Evidence

Solving Crimes

Catching the Criminal

Clear Evidence

Breaking News! (Blogs)

Recording My Audio Newscast

My Video Newscast

Wrapping Up My CSI Detective Project


Term 2


Creatures and Zoos

Hybrid Animals

Animal Sounds

Animals of the Future

Hybrid Animals Show

Planning My Zoo

Game Making - Part 1

Game Making - Part 2

Game Making - Part 3

Wrapping Up My Zoo Project


Term 3


Team Planet is Born!

Earth's Biomes

Freshwater Ecosystems

Marine Ecosystems

Land Ecosystems

Mega Cities

Food Resources

Global Warming

Wildlife Extinction

Finishing Up and Sharing

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