Math & Science Lab - Block 1

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We have created a great practical and fun course for Elementary / Primary Students. It is a 9 Level Course with two different levels within each Main Level.

First part of the lesson is mental math.

Science Course.

Block 1:

20 Lesson Plans

40 Worksheets (beautifully illustrated)


Resource List

Report Template

Curriculum overview

Extra sheets


Each Level has 20 lessons in each. (Also included are 2 different level worksheets for each lesson - it really helps lower level or ESL students).


Our curriculum takes an experimental activities based approach to learning and understanding. It is very much a practical hands-on curriculum with awesome teachers notes to make preparation minimal.


Level 1

 Color Magic

 Five Things Animals Do

 Air

 Air Weight

 Parts of Plants I eat

 Parts of a Plant

 What Plants Need to Survive

 Candy Ink Circles

 Differences and similarities

 Snow in a can

 Mental Maths

 1s, 2s, and 5s

 Language of Adding &Taking Away

 One More, Two more

 Using a Number Line;Counting On and Back

 Group in 2s and 3s

 Odd One Out;Full or Empty;More or Less

 Mental Techniques

 Shapes and Perimeter

 Review Quiz


Level 2

 Vacuums

 The Lungs-Breathing

 Rispiratory System

 Teeth

 Density

 Human Life Cycle

 Healthy Living

 Micro-Organisms and Fighting Disease

 Miniature Meteorites

 Jumping Rice Krispies

 Mental Maths

 Negative Numbers

 Number Line-Negative Numbers

 Temperature Change

 Multiples

 Calculating Area Using Multiplication

 Area for Odd Shapes

 Adding & Subtracting Units

 Pictograms

 Review Quiz

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